Workplace and Corporate Wellness:

Investing in workplace wellness initiatives has positive effects on both your employee's health and your company's health.
Creating and supporting wellness in your workplaces can help in employee retention, decrease employee sick time and work related stress, improve company morale and ultimately improve your bottom line.

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Wes and Jennifer welcome the opportunity to support you and your organization in identify areas for improvement as well as how we can help you in planning, initiating and evaluating workplace wellness initiatives.

Opportunities may include (but are not limited to) evaluating the environment for healthy eating and active living. Lunch and learn sessions on nutrition, cooking demos and information sharing. Wes can help you develop policies, procedures and proactive solutions to reduce and eliminate harassment and violence in the workplace. We can work with you on improving communication and team work within your company or organization to enhance employee morale and job satisfaction.

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to have kinesiology treatments and/or nutrition consultations with your employees right in the office.
Finally, Wes can offer interactive and hands on training for you and your staff in basic Self defense. This would make a great team building exercise - one hour session or half day offered.

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