Infinite Self Defense Systems -

Instructing Martial Art Training Systems geared at providing a 'small' individual with the tools and techniques required to take down a much 'larger' opponent.

Seminar training

Options range from Large Group, Small Group, to One-on-one Private Training. Instructional Topics Range from Beginner Level – Intermediate/Advanced Martial Artists.

Contact Wes at 403.928.9606 or via email at to setup a customized training session for your dojo, club, school, non-profit organization, or business team-building event. Families may even consider private training options available in the comfort of their own home!


Absolutely a great class to attend! I'll definitely be following up with more classes! Clear instructions, patient, willing to help and fun!! Highly recommend!!! 5 stars - Eric Peskor

I learned a lot from Wes! I highly recommend all females learn these skills! I feel much more confident that I can protect myself if the situation arose. - Carrie Wilson

After attending the self-defense class I left feeling stronger and more empowered then when I first walked in. The informative content was facilitated by a wonderful instructor, I would highly recommend this class!! - Twyla Greenstein

My husband and I were so impressed at how much our daughter learned in just a few sessions. Wes covers examples of real life scenarios and how to react safely, stay alert and aware, and teaches simple but effective strategies for every age. I especially appreciated how he kept the sessions engaging for her without losing the seriousness of the lessons. Thank you Wes! - Talitha Humphrey

Had a lot of fun attending a self defence course with my two young daughters but more importantly we all came out of the course feeling stronger and confident. Thanks so much Wes!! - Jill Michelson Campbell

I did the ladies self defense course tonight and really enjoyed it. Wes was awesome and very patient with us ladies. I've never had three hours pass by so quickly. Wes is very knowledgeable and skilled in martial arts. I feel I came away with more knowledge and confidence than I went in. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone and would like to do a refresher course in the future. Thanks so much Wes. - Rosalind Y Hackett

Slashing with rubber knives and hitting with sticks. What a great way to spend an afternoon. Lol !! Seriously, a lot covered in only 4 hours. Articulated instruction and demonstrations made it easier to learn the moves. Good cardio work out too !!! I’ll be back for more punishment. - Karen Metz

This is the second self defense course I have taken taught by Infinite Self defense. I have a career that takes me to places out of cell phone service on my own. My accommodation is in a tent often in a camp where I am the only woman, especially in the colder season. Wes is extremely knowledgeable and delivers the information in a way that is easy to learn and retain. Taking this course more than once not only gave me more confidence in any situation, but it also gave me a deeper understanding of self defense. The thing I enjoy the most about women’s self defense is even though there is the same ‘core’ material, each class has new information based on questions asked from the class. I highly recommend Infinite Self Defense to anyone who is even just curious to take a self defense course. - Krista Lynn

Thank you so much Wes for teaching my Junior High students at Ralston School, your amazing Self Defence course. The students are still talking about it and wondering when you are going to come back. You spoke to them so eloquently and passionately about confidence and empowered each of them. You are such a leader and role model to our youth. I look forward to learning more about your teachings. Sincerely, Jennifer Herrell, Prairie Rose SD

Had a great 3 hour training course in women's self-defense tonight. Wes Paterson is an excellent instructor with a lot of knowledge in several types of martial arts. It was very educational and I took home some great life-saving skills. - Kim O'Dell

Great Self defense class thanks Wes for your knowledge, patience, and time, definitely recommend Mothers take your daughters- Lisa Saunders

Had an empowering evening with Wes Paterson of Infinite Self Defense Systems with some other strong ladies at Women's Self Defence class last night. Amy's biggest take away was "there is nothing you can't get out of!" Come check it out. Next date to be announced! - Amy Zuk, Owner F&S Safety Buzz

I've said it before and I'll say it again, all girls and women should do this. - Holly Vockeroth Tataryn


About the Instructor:

Wesley Paterson – an Apprentice Instructor of the Canadian Combat Arts Association holds a rank of Nidan in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.
With over 20 years of Martial Arts experience, and 8 years focused in the Combative Arts - (Tae Kwon Do, Wrestling, Kick-boxing, Muai Thai, Jeet Kune Do, Modern Arnis, Aikido, Ninjutsu – Budo Taijutsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and the Filipino Martial Arts)

Group Team Building & Schools:


Book a Self Defense and Personal Empowerment Training for your School Group or Workplace Team Building Event. Wes has facilitated events for groups of various sizes ranging from 10 - 90+ participants. Learning Self Defense can be facilitated to individuals of any age, gender, race, or culture. Self Defense training instills confidence, and classes teach participants to develop a strong 'survival' mindset. Techniques taught may include de-escalation strategies, striking, escapes, interceptions, destructions, joint manipulation, pressure point control tactics, weapons awareness, along with strategies to improve overall awareness and sensory acuity.



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