My Business Expands with Health at the Forefront

As a mom, Registered Dietitian and health advocate I want only the best for me, my family and my friends. I have strived, for what I remember, most of my life to be health conscious. I have always been an advocate for healthy nutrition, I am passionate about active living, I strive for positive mental health and I have even worked for a company, not too long ago, that promoted chemical free cleaning.

After the birth of my son at the end of 2019, a few things started to happen for me:

·        I stared to notice fine lines (aging lines, beauty lines, wisdom lines…whatever you want to call them) in my face.

·        I felt more tired and obviously had much less time to put myself together at the start of the day.

·        I was seeking some new anti-aging products that were gentle on my sensitive skin that I could afford to use AND that I could trust were safe for my skin.

·        I also knew that I wanted to look at further business options, while having my own work schedule, that fit well into the mission of our current business model.

On a regular day, I saw an Instagram Post from an acquaintance I knew from church showing a clay mask that worked “wonderful to remove black heads and cleanse the pores in your face”. I messaged her and she sent me a link to Beauty Counter.

The first thing that I watched was the video on Mica (a mineral used in all make up products to give it the shimmer we all so love in our “trusted” makeup lines) and how in countries where Mica was mined they were using young children to work in these dark mines who got paid next to nothing for doing so. I pictured my own daughter in these dark mines. Knowing she can’t even go into the basement by herself, this made my heart ache.

I then went on to read and listen to how Beauty Counter was only using Mica that was imported from countries that were not using child labor and paying a fair wage to workers. I also learned that Beauty Counter was working to change the laws and regulations in CDN and US on what harmful chemicals are currently found in our beauty products. They even went as far as creating a “never list” highlighting the 1500 harmful and questionable ingredients found in our “trusted” beauty products.

Before even trying the product I wanted to be a part of this movement. I felt that it fit right in line with what I was all about as a woman looking for safer products, a mom watching out for the well being of her family and as a health professional keeping good health in the forefront. I knew I wanted this company to be a part of what my husband and I promote in our home-based business, Sedona North Healing Arts.

The first line that I tried was the CounterTime complete line and fell in love with it in 4 days! My skin felt amazing and I felt great knowing that I was using such safe product.

My husband and I have motto for our lives GIGO (garbage in garbage out). This product fits in with that motto- when I know I am not putting garbage on to my largest organ (my skin) I will be guaranteed to have great results that I can feel good about.

Most of you know I am a passionate and outspoken women. When I love something; everyone will know about it 😊. Beauty Counter’s mission is worth being a part of; “Getting Safer Products Into the Hands of Everyone”.


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