Why Should We Muscle Test

Muscle-testing has been a craze since the 60’s and the sky is the limit. If you can figure out how to apply a stressor to the body and test it afterward, you’ve just figured out the easiest way to get your own body to talk to you.

The more important question, I have found, is to ask WHY that works.

And we can actually look to physics for that answer.

Everything we see in our world is made up of matter. Tiny atoms that are electrically charged and hold together with what we call ‘electromagnetism’. Compared to gravity, electromagnetism is much stronger … and just like gravity, we can’t see it but we can become aware of the effects, or results, it has on us.

The truly neat thing about living organisms, such as ourselves, is that we have a bio-electromagnetic field. What makes us different than the chairs we sit on, for example, is that we have this incredible ability to generate (or even degenerate) electricity within our bodies. Our iron-rich environment and the blood in our bodies (which contains iron too) not only make us magnets, but we act as conduits as well. Every time we cut through the magnetic field of something else, we get charged. Even the simple act of breathing does this … for without it, we’d die in our sleep. The more we move, the more energy we have.

We call it resonance when we become aware of an external force … favourable or not, it often matches the current electromagnetic field we have. Since our electromagnetic field has a biological component and it changes, external forces or environments are also subject to change. For the most part, we never think about it. This is how we develop habits.

When we use muscle-testing in our world, we can essentially check to make sure that any stressor, such as food or supplements, is either beneficial or detrimental. When the muscle is tested and it’s strong, your physical body benefits from it. When the muscle is tested and it’s weak, your physical body will continue to breakdown if you continue to use that stressor. The same can be said for your behaviours, your coping mechanisms, your emotions and your thoughts.

“You have to have the courage to be who you really are in order to match the frequency of what would come to you naturally”

– Mandy Lee Metz

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